My research interests are related with cognitive sciences and immersive virtual reality, often with a link with artistic practices. I am currently working in Switzerland at the Immersive Interaction Group at EPFL. Some of my previous work is available in this list of publications, and it included work like:

  1. I worked at the EPFL between the Laboratory of Cognitive Neurosciences and the Immersive Interaction Group to study the subjective experience of architectonic space and its relation with bodily self-consciousness as it is studied in cognitive neuroscience.
  2. I did my PhD at the EVENT Lab of University of Barcelona under the direction of Mel Slater. This work was concerned with the use of immersive virtual reality to develop interactive stories.
    The outcome of the PhD exploits the fact that people in an immersive virtual reality tend to respond as if what they were experiencing was real to propose a new principle of interaction allowing to create a new medium as narrative as a movie and at the same time interactive as a videogame.

Other Resources

I developed a tutorial to learn how to use HALCA, a library for character animation, and do so in XVR, a rendering tool. The files for it can be found here.

//Some of my previous technical work will also be available // in the form of lines of code...

//But not yet //Hopefully coming soon!